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Filament may be the only podcast on the web where you can hear people clamor to hold a zika virus! Our guest, Meghan Coakley, Project Manager for the 3D Print Exchange at NIH, talks about how this "Thingiverse for science" can change how we teach and practice medicine.


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DC libraries no longer use bookmobiles, but the makermobile is alive and well! Hosts Erica and Erika talk about the challenges of taking 3D printers on the road and what it takes to be a makerfaire "rockstar". Special guest (and actual rockstar) Sam Davol then talks about how playing in The Magnetic Fields has influenced his pop-up learning space, The Uni Project



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For Filament's 2nd episode, we talk about the number one question we get about working in the MLK Fab Lab: what's the coolest thing you ever 3-D printed? The answer lies somewhere between crowns and tofu molds.

We also brought in special guest Miguel Zavala, whose quest to 3-D model every creature in the "Dungeons and Dragons" monster manual began with our 3D printing service. His project has since gone viral, and you can check out his models on Shapeways.


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In this episode, we talk about what's new at the MLK Library in the New Year. Stratton and Rydberg trade ideas for new 3-D printing projects in 2016 and discuss MLK's new software for class sign-ups. Special guest Jaime Mears also visits to talk about the new Memory Lab and how it can help with personal archiving.

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Tachalla and Anne are mixing it up: They're sharing two books they like: A childhood book and an equivalent adult(ish) favorite.

Books discussed in this podcast:

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For decades, the LGBTQ community has been a vibrant and prominent part of life in the District. From Frank Kameny's fight against the lavender scare of the 1950s to marriage equality and the #TransRespect campaign in the new millennium, LGBTQ life in D.C. has changed dramatically.

Just how different is LGBTQ D.C. from its historic roots? And where is today's LGBTQ community going? Join us for a discussion on the past, present, and future of LGBTQ life in the District with moderator Mark Joseph Stern, writer on LGBTQ issues for Slate, in discussion with panelists:

  • Andrew Sullivan, founder and editor of The Daily Dish.
  • Philip Pannell, spokesperson and community activist for the gay community, citizens of Ward 8, and civil libertarians across the District.
  • Loraine Hutchins, bisexual and feminist author, activist, and sex educator.
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On the opening night of DC Reads, Dinaw Mengestu stopped by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library for an opening night celebration. The author read from his book The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears and answered questions from the audience. 

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The Vocal Mixing Workshop at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library gives teens ages 13-19 who are upcoming producers and recording artists an opportunity to enhance their audio production skills.

In this podcast, Vocal Mixing Instructor Manuel Mendez and workshop student David Valencia discuss the benefits of this unique class.

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Each year, the DC Public Library celebrates reading for pleasure with DC Reads. This citywide literacy program works like a giant book club, encouraging everyone in the District to read the same book together. The book is selected by a public voting process, with thousands of votes cast at libraries and bookstores around the city. Find more information about the program here:

This year's DC Reads selection is "The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears" by Dinaw Mengestu. Mr. Mengestu stopped by the MLK library to kick off the celebration and talk a little about his work. In this interview he discusses what it's like to write a book set in DC and the importance of communities sharing literature.

Intro/Outro music: Dustin Wong - "Matthew and Kenneth"

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In this episode of Check It or Leave It, Peter and TaChalla discuss Paul Is Undead by Alan Goldsher, a zombie-infused historical-fiction novel about the history of The Beatles.

They are joined by Professor Undead, a Ph.D. of Zombie Studies at Miskatonic University, who is currently completing a residency at MLK.

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