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In this short piece, Deirdre muses on the nature of jazz and improvisation in her poem "Choas." This poem is set to "Pharoah's Tune (The Journey)," a free jazz composition by Leon Thomas.

This piece was made as part of the Digital Audio Storytelling Workshop.

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In this piece, Lois gives a brief introduction to her neighborhood, Petworth. This is just the first part of a longer audio documentary she plans to make about the northwest D.C. neighborhood.

This piece was made as part of the Digital Audio Storytelling Workshop held in the Digital Commons.

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TaChalla, Anne and Ashton give a soundtrack to Koushun Takami's Battle Royale.

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Barrett Jones is the founder of Beat Club, a digital music jam for held in libraries, schools, museums, and homes across the district.

The club gives kids and teens a chance to learn about digital music by providing a wide range of electronic instruments to play with during fun, free-form sessions. The emphasis is on experimenting and trying things out: the typical steps one takes when learning how to use a new gadget.

This summer Beat Club held numerous jam sessions in libraries throughout the DC Public Library system. In this podcast, Barrett talks about why he started Beat Club, why kids love it, and why libraries make such a great venue for this type of hands-on learning.

For more information about the club, visit or email Barrett at

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On Wednesday, Sept .10, Amanda Ripley, author of The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way, led a discussion on the state of education in the District of Columbia with panelists:

  • Scott Cartland, former principal, Janney Elementary School, current principal, Wheatley Education Campus
  • Alexandra Pardo, executive director, Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School;
  • Andria Caruthers, principal, West Education Campus joined Ripley.

The panelists discussed if the District’s attempts to improve public education over the past few years have been successful.

About District of Change

District of Change is a discussion series that examines how the growth of Washington, DC, has affected the people that live and work here. The series is produced by Slate editor David Plotz and author Hanna Rosin, with support from the DC Public Library Foundation.

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At the Takoma Park Library's job seekers clinic, Veterans Program Specialist Jeremy Sims of the Department of Labor Veterans' Employment and Training Service discussed programs and opportunities available to veterans.


Learn more about these programs at

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This is the third episode of Read This Not That, a show that discusses overrated books and underrated books.

 This show has a special time travel theme to promote a Science Fiction film festival at MLK Library on Sept. 4, 2014.

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Lewis Groswald, Chair of the Programs Subcommittee for the Museum of Science Fiction, discusses the new partnership between DC Public Library and the Museum of Science Fiction.

He also discusses the new Sci Fi film series that will be held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

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In this episode of Check It or Leave It, Peter and TaChalla hop into the DCPL time machine to review "A Fold In The Tent Of The Sky" by Michael Hale.

What happens when a shadowy corporation starts training psychics for clandestine operations? Who is making important people disappear? Will Peter and TaChalla ever make it back to the present?

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